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roswell_tob's Journal

Roswell: The Original Broadcast
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introduction to the comm.
Welcome to roswell_tob, a community for the avid fans of FOX's show, Roswell, who find the DVD versions of the episodes (with their altered music) to be unacceptable.

This community is for those who:
1. Already own the Roswell DVDs currently out
2. Miss the former music from the originally broadcasted episodes and find the replacement songs inadequate
3. Are looking for a temporary alternative to the DVD versions
4. Will buy the DVDs again once they include the original music


Joining the Comm.
please read before applying.

Membership is moderated. Joining is a 2 step process:

#1 - View the application post & post your app as a comment

#2 - click JOIN THIS COMMUNITY at the top of the main page

If you have not been accepted, it is most likely because your journal is inactive, brand new, or only used to join communities. If you believe you have been wrongly rejected, please feel free to message the moderators at this post.
Community Rules.
please read before posting.

All members are expected to follow these RULES or they will be banned. You must have joined to see the rules.


Important Links.
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The Mods.
contact the mods.

Any questions or comments?
The Questions post will give you the fastest response, but feel free to message any of the mods individually:

e_transitions | kyliemou

We will get back to you ASAP.


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